Durable Garage Floors in Colors You’ll Love

On January 19, 2023

Homeowners are always searching for new ways to improve their property. Upgrades like new roofing and waterproof foundations can improve a home’s structure and durability while repainting interior and exterior walls add to its aesthetic appeal. Though homeowners often overlook it, the garage is a vital room you can completely transform with a straightforward installation.

Garage concrete coatings are your solution to a new and improved garage. Unlike many other home renovations, a concrete coating can instantly give your garage added durability and a more attractive look. Further, the vast range of garage coating colors provides the intrigue of customization.

This article will discuss what garage floor coatings are and how they can improve your floor’s durability and appearance. We’ll also offer tips for selecting the perfect floor coating color for your garage. For more information about high-quality concrete coatings, call Premier Concrete Coatings today at 269-503-9315.

What Are Garage Floor Coatings?

Garage floor coatings typically consist of epoxy or an epoxy mixture. Epoxy coats concrete surfaces, covering them in a smooth, hardened surface and protecting them from numerous elements. Garage floor epoxy is an efficient and proven solution for better durability and appearance.

Increase Your Garage Floor’s Durability

Your garage floor constantly supports vehicles and other heavy storage. Due to the tremendous pressure and other elements it must withstand, you depend on your garage floor to be durable. Though a concrete floor is relatively solid and long-lasting on its own, it can crack and damage over time.

An epoxy concrete coating is strong and impact-resistant, offering added support to your garage floor. Epoxy coatings also resist cracks, scratches, dents, chips, and other harsh elements. The smooth, hard cover of epoxy even keeps water from spilling on leaks on its surface, preventing water damage to your concrete.

The added durability of garage concrete coatings has short and long-term benefits. Its prevention of damages means you won’t require expensive repairs, and the increased longevity allows you to forgo new installations for years to come.

Improve Your Garage Floor’s Appearance

Along with durability, garage floor coatings also provide an aesthetic appeal. Epoxy has a clean and glossy finish that results in a luxurious showroom shine. Instead of the plain concrete look, you can upgrade to a pristine, high-class appearance.

Further, the wide selection of garage floor coating colors allows you to customize your garage’s look. If you envision or want to match a particular theme or design, an epoxy coating will enable you to do so.

Tips For Selecting the Right Garage Floor Coating Color

Match It With Your Home Design

While you could opt to separate your garage from the rest of the house with a contrasting color, why not match the design? If you have a color scheme throughout your home, picking a coordinating color for your garage floor coating will connect everything. Matching your coating color with your home design provides a uniform and thought-out appearance.

Consider the Lighting

While some garages are well-lit, others are rather dim. Consider your garage’s lighting when selecting your coating color.

If you have ample lighting, a darker color may work well. A bright color may provide a splash of radiance if the garage has low lighting.

Be Practical

It’s crucial to think about what you do in your garage. If you use it mainly for storing a vehicle, black or another dark color can hide grease and tire marks and allow you to clean less often. If you and your family are often present in your garage for exercise or a game room, choose a floor color that brings the space to life.

Choose Flakes for Added Texture

If a solid color isn’t your preference, consider adding flakes. Decorative flakes give your garage floor more color and a textured look. The look is perfect for garages of all kinds, from exercise rooms to simple storage areas.

Garage Concrete Coatings in Southwest Michigan / Garage Concrete Coatings in Northern Indiana

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