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Let us protect your concrete garage floor! Premier Concrete Coatings serves a 90 mile radius from White Pigeon, Michigan, including Southwest Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northwest Ohio.

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Loose tiles and cracks on the patio pose a risk to safety and fading, and peeling decks are unsightly. If you are dealing with similar issues, consider patio coatings to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Premier Concrete Coatings is the go-to contractor for patio floor coating. We can modernize your outdoor patio and make it safe for your family, friends, and guests. Our team uses premium-quality materials to ensure your deck is easy to maintain, sturdy, durable, and protected from the sun.

We are proud leaders in concrete coatings that offer the most advanced coating technology on the market. Instead of epoxy patio floor coating, we use polyaspartic floor coating to create stylish and durable outdoor spaces. Polyaspartic coating is a long-lasting, slip-resistant, and highly customizable topcoat, perfect for your deck.

Our licensed, professional, and skillful technicians serving a 90 mile radius of White Pigeon, MI surrounding, including:

Battle Creek

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Transform Your Patio: A Variety of Colors, Textures, and Techniques

Our customers see how valuable it is to update their concrete patios and upgrade them with high-quality top coatings that will last on the property for years to come.

When updating your outdoor spaces, it is essential to tie together the interior and exterior styles. At Premier Concrete Coatings we offer various colors, textures, and techniques to allow you to customize your concrete floor.

While many households and businesses opt for epoxy coating, we provide a better and more durable alternative. Polyaspartic floor coating has a glossy finish and is resistant to UV rays, wear and tear, scratches, and foot traffic. It can help you turn your existing concrete into a beautiful showroom.

Our contractors can help you choose the perfect color and tone for your pool deck, basement floor, or garage.

Why Resurface Your Patio?

Resurfacing your existing patio with a polyurea and polyaspartic coating will rejuvenate the surface, enhance the aesthetic, reduce the appearance of scratches and stains, and give your property a fresh appeal.

Prolongs the Life of Your Outdoor Surface

Instead of ripping off the concrete floor, you can apply a concrete coating and decorate it any way you prefer. Using polyurea as a base coat and polyaspartic as a top coat will prolong the lifespan of your patio and cover the structural damages and flaws.

New Design Possibilities

Although you are working with existing concrete, you have the freedom to create any look you want. Concrete is a versatile material, meaning you can color and texture it in many ways.


Polyaspartic floor coating is exceptionally durable and an excellent choice when resurfacing your patio. It withstands all temperatures and external elements and is ideal for pool decks and driveways. You can maintain the coating by sweeping with a bristle broom or dry mop a few times a week.

Expert Polyaspartic Floor Coating Installation

Getting a new patio coating can feel time-consuming and overwhelming. However, when you work with Premier Concrete Coatings in Sturgis, Michigan, you don’t need to worry about anything. We will take the pressure off your shoulders and handle the entire project with ease.

Our team consists of licensed and insured contractors who start the process by diamond grinding or shot-blasting the surface. Our diamond grinding equipment is attached to HEPA filtered vacuums that collect the dust and keep the surface as clean and smooth as possible. If necessary, we will fill in the cracks to ensure the surface is smooth for the base coat.

Once we clean the floor, we will:

Prepare the base coat
Apply the base coat
Add flakes to create the design and texture of your choice
Let the base coat cure
Apply the topcoat

We have years of experience applying base coats for patios across Sturgis, Michigan. Reach out to our professional team today to discuss your patio coatings needs, and we’ll provide you with appropriate, budget-friendly solutions.

Why Choose Premier Concrete Coatings?

We our proud of our 5 star customer ratings on both google and facebook. We focus on attention to detail, dedication to our work, precision, and drive to understand each client’s needs. We are West Michigans highest-rated team for patio, basement, and garage floor coating due to our professional approach and affordable rates. Each of our team members has undergone extensive training to bring you the best installation service possible.

When working with us, you can have peace of mind knowing your patio and outdoor space will have a quality, sturdy, and functional coating that won’t wear down for years.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Premier Concrete Coatings and polyurea and polyaspartic floor coating systems:

  • Fast installation
  • Walk on time: 4-6 hours
  • Drive on time: 24 hours
  • 10x more flexible than epoxy patio floor
  • 4x stronger than epoxy
  • 2x better adhesion to existing concrete
  • 100% UV protection

We back up all of our patio coatings systems with a warranty, guaranteed.

Extend the Life of Your Patio: Call for a Free Estimate

We take extreme pride in patio coatings and the quality we deliver. Premier Concrete Coatings  works only with products we trust.

If you want exceptional results and an outdoor space that blends with the rest of your property, reach out to our coating experts. You can set up an appointment to discuss your concrete coatings needs, and we’ll discuss your available options. Our technicians know what’s best for your patio floor and will suggest the right solution based on your needs and budget.

You can call Premier Concrete Coatings located in Sturgis, Michigan at (269) 503-9315 to schedule a consultation for patio coatings or deck coatings, and we’ll get a quote back to you quickly.