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Basements in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio are prone to moisture, mold, and water vapor. During the warmer months, condensation and humidity are two other problems to worry about. Humid air is heavy, and once it reaches the lowest area of the home – your basement – it creates condensation.

If you want to protect your property’s foundation and not worry about moisture or humidity, consider the high-quality basement coatings from Premier Concrete Coatings in Sturgis, Michigan.

We are the leading basement flooring contractor in Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northwestern Ohio known for installing polyaspartic floor coating and polyurea floor coating for residential and commercial properties. The professionals on our team have:

Industry knowledge and experience
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Ability to use top-of-the-line tools and equipment

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Providing customer satisfaction and transforming an unfunctional basement into practical and useful space is on the top of our priority list. Before we start, we will give you a free basement floor coating quote and inform you of the whole process.

Why Polyaspartic Floor Coating Is Better Than Epoxy Flooring For Homes

Polyurea polyaspartic coating is sturdy, strong, and can withstand abrasion, tremendous usage, and extreme weight. Although it is pricey upfront, it is a worthwhile investment. It will add value to your basement and make the space easy to clean.

Epoxy floor coatings have been around for some time. Polyaspartic coatings are relatively new in the industry but have quickly become the go-to solutions for those who want quality finish and fast dry time.

When applied to concrete grey floors, the polyaspartic topcoat produces a beautiful glossy, watery tone that you can tint in several colors.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating Benefits

  • Easier application
  • Can withstand a wide variety of temperature and weather conditions
  • Smooth finish
  • Stain and scratch-resistant
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Fast-drying times (30 minutes – 1 hour)
  • Decorative chips and colors available
  • Low VOCs and odor

Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy


Epoxy is durable but susceptible to abrasion. Polyaspartic is more flexible and won’t scuff, scratch, or chip.

Drying Time

It takes less than one hour for one Polyaspartic layer to dry. Epoxy can take up to 16 hours to dry. If you want fast results, polyaspartic is a better option for you.

Air Quality

Epoxy can decrease the air quality in the basement or garage. Polyaspartic has low VOCs and odor.


When wet, polyaspartic might get a bit slippery, so it is better to use chips to add traction and texture to the surface. Epoxy is not as slick as polyaspartic, but it can also benefit from chips.

UV Stability

Some epoxy floor coatings can yellow or fade over time, especially when exposed to UV. Polyaspartic is a colorfast solution, so it won’t yellow or fade.

At Premier Concrete Coatings in Sturgis, Michigan, we have years of experience perfecting basement coatings, especially polyurea base coats and polyaspartic topcoats.

Comprehensive Basement Floor Coating Service: We Do It All

At Premier Concrete Coatings we provide a professional basement floor coating service that covers every step – from preparation to application. You can count on us to help you choose the right color and design for your basement (sandstone, slatestone, or tidal-wave), pick the perfect chip combination, and finish the job on time without disrupting your property.

Floor Preparation

The first step is surface preparation, during which we use shot blasting and diamond grinding to ensure a smooth finish. If necessary, our contractors will use menders and fillers to fill the cracks for even better results.

Base Coat Application

We use only a 100% premium-quality polyurea base coat to create a solid foundation. Once the base coat sets, our technicians will cast the chips to create a beautiful color finish. If necessary, we will scrape and vacuum the floor to remove tiny particles and imperfections and create a smooth surface.

Topcoat Application

We complete the process with a high-quality polyaspartic topcoat that will protect your basement from scratches, mold, and UV damage.

The new basement coatings will ensure years of easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain flooring. Polyaspartic topcoat only needs a little water and soap to look like new again. You can use any soap and don’t need to buy a special one like you would with epoxy floor coating.

Why Hire Professional Flooring Contractors?

Transforming your basement is a significant investment. If you want to do it right, it is essential to use the right materials and follow the proper steps. For those who aren’t familiar with the process, it is best to reach out to professional flooring contractors to ensure the project goes according to plan.

While performing basement flooring installation might seem cost-effective, it might not offer as much value as you think. The initial cost of professional flooring installation is higher, but you will end up with a high-quality floor that will last for years.

Call for Long-Lasting Basement Coatings in Southwestern, Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northwest Ohio.

It is difficult to find a combination of sturdiness, aesthetics, and durability, especially for a basement floor. However, with polyurea polyaspartic basement coatings, it is possible.

Premier Concrete Coatings in Sturgis, Michigan allows home and business owners to experience the incredible features and benefits that this tough material can bring.

We also do polyurea and polyaspartic floor coatings for driveways, garages, patios, industrial floorings, and other surfaces. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle all of your floor coating needs.

Reach out to Premier Concrete Coatings today at (269) 503-9315 to discuss basement coatings for your home or office, and we’ll provide you with a free project estimate.