Use, Care & Maintenance 

We want your new concrete coated floor to stay in great shape for years to come! Below are our recommendations.

Download Printable Instructions Here

Our team of professionals recommend:

  • 24 hours to walk on and to return items

  • 24 hours before closing Garage door entirely to ground

  • 48 hours to drive on

You may clean our concrete coatings with typical sweeping, mopping, steaming, hosing and power washing


  • Use soap and water
  • Use CLR for light stains and grease
  • Use Sunnyside Acetone for tough stains {apply on a rag or mop pad and wipe, do not let it soak}
  • Use Simple Green 
  • Enjoy your beautiful and durable new concrete floors


  • Use wax
  • Use any abrasive solution containing bleach, hydrochloric acid, citric acid or other highly corrosive material

Thank you for trusting the Premier Concrete Coatings Team!!

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