Basement Coatings: Identifying Benefits vs. Drawbacks

On December 22, 2022

Basement coatings protect your basement floor and make the space more liveable. From a maintenance perspective, they are a better alternative to floor paint and other types of sealants. Cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, today’s coatings are worth the investment.

Read on to learn more about basement coatings and how they might benefit you. To discuss the matter in depth, contact Premier Concrete Coatings. We are the top supplier of basement coatings in Michigan, and we have the answers you need.

What Are Basement Floor Coatings?

Coating systems are sealants that make the underlying surface watertight. Applying these products makes the floor stain-resistant and prevents mold and mildew growth.

Let’s look at the types of coating systems available.

What Are the Types of Basement Coatings in Michigan?

You can choose from several types of coatings. We’ll focus on the resin-like coating options because they are the most durable.


Epoxy is a common type of coating. It’s durable, waterproof, and comes in many colors.

An epoxy coating is ideal for those wishing to create a new look through the use of additives. While not the most recent of options, epoxy is affordable and easy to install.

When applying epoxy, we recommend homeowners leave the DIY kits at the hardware store. Achieving proper adhesion and pouring the product evenly requires a professional eye. It’s also essential to detect any moisture issue upfront.

If you lack the necessary experience, your epoxy coating will peel away within a year or two. It’s far more cost-effective to call in professionals to get a finish that lasts around 15 years.

Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane is similar to epoxy but more hard-wearing. It is also more stable than epoxy and more robust.

As polyurethane sets up faster than epoxy, you must call a pro to install it properly. This coating’s pricing falls in the mid-range.

Polyaspartic Coating

One of the newest formulations, polyaspartic offers significant benefits over epoxy and polyurethane. It is more resistant to damage and lasts longer. It also has excellent UV-resistant properties, making it useful in sunny areas of your basement.

Acrylic Coating

Acrylic coatings are water rather than solvent-based. This property makes them easy to clean up if you make a mess during the installation. On the downside, they will not last as long as the other options and are easy to chip or scratch.

What Are the Benefits of Coating Your Basement Floors?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Basement coatings offer several design options to suit any homeowner’s tastes. Aside from protecting the underlying concrete, they can make a style statement. You can opt for several looks by varying the colors and other additives.

Examples include:

  • Replicating more expensive materials
  • Creating patterns that suit your decor and color palette
  • Adding texture and interest
  • Creating showstopping effects like pearlized highlights or metallic floors

Improve Your Home’s Value

If you’re looking to sell your home, epoxy flooring improves your home’s value. Potential buyers will be pleased by a polished-looking basement that requires little maintenance. You will also give buyers the impression that you care about maintaining your home.

Damage Resistance

Epoxy keeps out water and prevents cracking or chipping. This combination ensures that your floors look newer for longer. Another benefit is epoxy provides fewer spaces for mold and other harmful compounds to lurk.

With fewer elements to degrade the concrete, the floor remains intact for longer. You’ll prolong the lifespan of your basement floor by installing high-quality coatings.

Keeps Your Family Safe

Concrete is prone to cracking and chipping when you use a standard sealant. Bacteria and pests can work their way into those flaws, creating a safety hazard for your family. By preventing damage, epoxy leaves nowhere for bugs to hide and does not encourage pest activity.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Bigger Outlay

Epoxy coatings are more costly than paint. However, if you consider the cost of maintaining the cheaper options, you come out ahead with epoxy.

Requires Professional Installation

Yes, there are DIY kits available, but they’ll never achieve the same effect as a professional job. If you prefer to DIY, sticking to paint is more straightforward, as you’ll need to regularly touch up the DIY epoxy.

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